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Hi, I’m Doc Dossman!

I’ve traveled the world as the personal doctor to some of the fastest runners in the world! After over 20 years, I can say I know how to take care of the athlete’s body. My specialty is speed and a different beast. Other doctors and therapists treat teachers, web designers, and the elderly.

They treat people who usually go back to sedentary lifestyles. My patients have to get back to pushing their bodies to the limit as soon as humanly possible. It’s a different mindset. You won’t find my advice on WebMD or any of your typical medical advice sites. You won’t find the level of athlete I’ve been working within any research study. What I share with you is based on results and experience on the biggest stages in sports. From the Olympic Games to the World and United States Championships, my work holds up to the test! You can trust it. It’s pressure-tested and proven.


What you do for these kids and for the sport is so important. People really don't appreciate how necessary your services are in track and field. It is the only sport that requires you to push your body to the limit each and every single time you get on that line. In other sports, you can rely on teammates and excel while playing injured. You can't play injured in track. It is the purest sport. In the Olympics, it is not called track and field, it is called "athletics". You do a great service for the kids in our community and this program. You deserve to be saluted.

-Coaching Legend Ron Alice Head Coach, USC Track & Field (Retired)

Doc, I want you to know that I appreciate you always coming through for me. Making the U.S. team is not just a win for me but for you as well. You are just as much a part of this as me and my coach. I don’t want you to think that all your hard work on me has gone unnoticed. Thank you.

-Shawn Crawford, Olympian 4x U.S. Outdoor Champion (’01, ’02, ’04, ’09), 200m 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, 200m 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist, 200m 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist, 400m relay

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to accompany me to Japan for the World Championships, to London, to the U.S. Olympic Trials, to Beijing for the Olympics, and everywhere else you go for me!

-Torri Edwards, Olympian 2x U.S. Champion, 100m/200m World Champion, 400m Relay

I am very confident in the work that Doc Dossman does for me. He has kept my body healthy and ready to run for a very long season. Since I’ve been working with him I’m very confident that I will not have any repeat hamstring issues.

-Carmelita Jeter, Olympian -World Record Holder, USA Women’s 400m Relay -2012 Olympic Gold, Silver, Bronze Medalist -2nd Fastest American Woman in History -4th Fastest Woman in World History -2011 World Outdoor Champion, 100m -3x U.S. Outdoor Champion, 100m (2009/2011/2013) -2x World Outdoor Championships Bronze Medalist, 100m

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